PRESS RELEASE - 1st European Thorium reactor in the Netherlands?

The Association Thorium Energy Europe, wants to start a Thorium innovation centre in the Netherlands. The Association is supported by over a 1000 individuals from all over the world. 

The Dutch government is increasingly more positive towards Nuclear Energy. All of Europe wants to switch to sustainable energy, but that seems impossible with only solar and wind energy. Conventional nuclear energy is an option, but a Thorium Molten salt reactor is cheaper, cleaner and safer. 

A lot of research still needs to be done to build and start a thorium molten salt reactor in the Netherlands. Therefore, together with Dutch energy provider Atoom Alliantie and Danish thorium startup Copenhagen Atomics, the Association has initiated a petition to start a European thorium innovation centre, with the goal to bring together knowledge and expertise from all over Europe to speed up innovation and ultimately build the first Thorium reactor in the Netherlands. 

Organisaties that are supporting this initiative are a.o. Core-Power Energy (UK) and 100thw (Belgium). The initiators of the petition call upon everyone that supports this plan, to sign up and join the initiative.

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