Deep Decarbonization of the U.S. Electricity Sector: Is There a Role for Nuclear Power?

From these results, we can conclude that the additional system costs of wind and solar are minimal until they reach about 40% of power supply, but after that level these extra costs rise, making room for other power technologies such as nuclear,

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Small Modular Reactor

Carol Phelan-Smith
only one that makes sense

Energie Transitie

Cornelis Welboren
Kernenergie met 3e generatie reaktoren. Het enige goede antwoord mbt de transitie en het milieu. Met Thorium kunnen we 100.000 jaar vooruit.

Molton Salt Reactor

Felix Routs
Niet langer wachten hiermee

Molton Salt Reactor

Aren Faasse
Thuis is the way forward, but how can we convince our politicians?

Molton Salt Reactor

Arjen de Jongh

Molton Salt Reactor

Mads Steenberg
Copenhagen Atomics